Melones Oil Ternminal Inc.
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Melones Oil Terminal

Bunker and Diesel storage facility. Pacific Coast, Republic of Panama.


Our mission is to contribute to the sustainability, development, and growth of the country by means of storage and supply of hydrocarbons in a safe, efficient, and permanent manner.


Our vision is to contribute value to the positioning of Panama as an Energy Hub, collaborate towards the economic, environmental and social progress of the Isthmus, and provide our customers excellent service, while fostering an environment of continuous specialized training and capacity development in our labor force and perpetual corporate improvement.



    Safety is our principal value, for which we work to bolster and protect our partners, clients, contractors, environment, and the neighboring communities


    Operations are undertaken under quality control systems, achieving our objectives in a fast and efficient manner.


    Through continuous improvement we focus on optimizing our company's processes on a regular basis.


    The satisfaction of our clients through a high-quality service that is safe, efficient, and permanent.


    We implement the following criteria for Corporate Responsibility; to provide for sustainable growth, caring for the environment, supporting a collaborative work environment and contribution to the betterment of our surrounding communities.

Quality of Service

At Melones Oil Terminal, Inc., we are committed to providing services that meet the requirements of our customers, performing safe and efficient operations while safeguarding their products.

All the activities that we carry out are aligned to two basic principles of our quality management system: Safety in the Operation and continuous improvement.


The vision of Melones Oil Terminal, Inc. is to make Panama the main strategic center for storing hydrocarbons by enabling our clients to establish a regional center of redistribution.

Our mission is to turn Panama into the principal strategic center for storing hydrocarbons, enabling our clients to establish a regional redistribution center to satisfy their re-export needs and the needs of the clients of the Panama Canal.