Melones Oil Ternminal Inc.
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Melones Oil Terminal

Bunker and Diesel storage facility. Pacific Coast, Republic of Panama.

Melones Oil Terminal, Inc., is a company that fosters the economic and energetic development of the country of Panama by way of our region centric hydrocarbon storage facility, guaranteeing our clients excellence of service in a safe, efficient and permanent manner.

We strive to positively impact the service platform offered by the country, with the firm belief of bestowing value towards positioning Panama as an Energy Hub, diversifying the product and service offerings tuned to the demands required by the Panama Canal.

We are an international reference in the distribution of energy, while upholding our commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, and support to the communities surrounding our operations.

Our personnel are qualified in all areas of expertise, thereby allowing us to implement a quality control system based on two principals:

  • Operational Safety

  • Continuous Improvement


Our terminal is comprised of 16 storage tanks with a combined capacity of 2.120.00 barrels of FO and DIESEL.

Installation – Pier

Our T shaped pier allows us to serve up to four barges simultaneously or one tanker and two barges simultaneously.


Our position allows tankers to discharge (out-bound) 17,500 BPH and charge (in-bound) barges up to 3,500 BPH. The charge/discharge (in-bound/out-bound) operation is carried out simultaneously.