Melones Oil Ternminal Inc.
FO & Diesel Storage Facility, Pacific side– Panama
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Melones Oil Terminal

Bunker and Diesel storage facility. Pacific Coast, Republic of Panama.


Melones Oil Terminal, Inc. is located on Melones Island in the Gulf of Panama. The geographical position of Isla Melones is8° 49.9’ North 79° 36.4’ West and is the only marine facility on the island.

Isla Melones is located:

  • Approximately 2.35 mn WNW of Taboga Island.
  • Approximately 7.25 mn SWT of the buoys of the Panama Canal Navigation Course.

Melones Oil Terminal, Inc. is located outside the waters under the jurisdiction of the ACP, but within the waters under the jurisdiction of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

Their approaches can be found on the following commonly available navigation charts:
  • Chart No. 1929 – Gulf of Panama (UKHO)
  • Letter CP5 – The Southern Approaches to the Panama Canal (UKHO)

Terminal Specifications

Lines and Rates MGO (1) 12 inch lines
(1) 20 inch lines
(2) 6 inch lines
(1) 5,000 bph (in-bound)
(1) 15,000 bph (in-bound)
(2) 1,500 bph (out-bound)
Lines and Rates FO (1) 24 inch line
(4) 12 inch line
(1) 17,500 bph (in-bound)
(4) 3,500 bph (out-bound)
Maximun Tanker Draft 13 meters (mlws)
Number of Tanks 16
Tank Capacity 50,000 bbls (4 tanks)
100,000 bbls (6 tanks)
220,000 bbls (6 tanks)
7,950 cbm (4 tanks)
16,000 cbm (6 tanks)
35,000 cbm (6 tanks)
Products FO & MGO
Barge berths 4
Tanker berths 1


Melones Oil Terminal, Inc. has a structure that extends from the southern corner of Melones Island in a southwesterly direction. The dock is arranged in a "T" shaped pier at the end of the structure towards the sea as shown in the image below.

The pier is designed to operate as follows:

  • One tanker position and two barges simultaneously (TD, B1, B4), and/or
  • Four barge positions simultaneously (B1, B2, B3, B4)
Terminal en Isla Menlones

Design Size of the Boats

Pier Type of Pier Maximum Vessel LOA
T1 Tanker Pier 244 m
B1 Barge Pier 122 m
B2 Barge Pier 122 m
B3 Barge Pier 122 m
B4 Barge Pier 122 m