FO & Diesel Storage Facility, Pacific side– Panama
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Melones Oil Terminal

Bunker and Diesel storage facility. Pacific Coast, Republic of Panama.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As good corporate citizens, we wish to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our employees, to the neighboring community and to the care of the environment.

We are committed to contributing with Social Responsibility policies based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives, strong corporate values, striving to guarantee the integral well-being and thus provide the community with improvements in its quality of life.

We have implemented social programs and initiatives generating positive impact in the community of Taboga, imparting awareness among our employees to the importance of social responsibility, with an action plan of fostering the community development that contributes to the strengthening of education and promoting wellbeing, sports and education.

As part of the sustainable development program in the community of Taboga, and in accordance with the cooperation contract made with the Municipality of this District, additional activities are carried out for social, economic, and environmental improvement on a voluntary basis, exceeding the legal requirements. We have adopted regulations that give added value to the industrial activities of Melones Oil Terminal, Inc.

In addition to contributions under the cooperation agreement with Taboga, Melones Oil Terminal, Inc. has carried out activities for social, economic, and environmental improvement on a voluntary basis beyond legal requirements.


At Melones Oil Terminal, Inc. we support education through hosting a program of periodic courses and annual donations. Read More...


We carry out voluntary activities on Taboga Island for social, economic, and environmental improvement. Read More...


We are transforming Isla Melones into an ecosystem where plants and animals can live in a clean and healthy environment. Read More...